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This game is a good time. I don't think I ever got bored while playing. It does have some weird design choices that I don't think work well but I recognize them to be subjective preferences so other players might be okay with it. 

The story is pretty standard. It's the kind of thing you would immediately piece together about 5 minutes in and there's nothing wrong with that as long as the journey is good, and it is. 

The gameplay follows pretty standard survival horror games too. There isn't much in the way of inventory management but there might be a point where you have too many things so you'll throw something away. The flashlight requiring batteries is a pretty pointless feature since you don't really ever need it and refilling batteries is almost always a sign of the world being too big or too empty which in this case, it can be a bit of both. 

The music doesn't fit the game very well at all, and there are some moments where the game is strangely quiet like when you finally escape the school but the sound effects are decent enough. 

The character design is cool and the animations are surprisingly well done. It makes me wonder if they were marketplace assets but I'm not sure. 

This game is worth playing but I can't guarantee you'll enjoy it after spending $5. I think it's best to follow the developer and wait for a sale. 

Thanks for making games!

i was very good! we love it!💜


Thank you so much! Lookin forward to playing it.


Looks really well made, I have high hopes for this


Wow ,quite impressive ,thanks for making it available for free.


Thank you very much for the offer!


Great game! Cool story and I liked how all the spirits were designed differently.