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I had a pretty good time with this. Great atmosphere and good level design. Genuinely creepy with the odd jump scare to keep you on your toes. I'd like to see more from this developer.

The environment is very well designed! Overall it is a pretty good game!

nice game.

Scare jump anyone?
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J ai beaucoup aimer ce slender

Les graphismes sont au top

Continuez comme ca bravo ;]



Me encanta!!

Love u Slender!!

Deleted post

amazing game i cannot wait for part to 2 i bet its going to be epic 

Above is my playthrough and below are my thoughts on the game:

This is a good concept, however it needs a lot of work. There are some things I would like to have addressed in the future of this project, mainly being:

- The Flashlight is basically useless because the game is bright enough, which is fixable with a brightness slider or not implementing the flashlight. The Flashlight could have a cool purpose, like seeing invisible writing on a wall or something

- The world feels off; you are a child but yet everything seems tailored to the player height, making your height actually be a challenge could be a interesting mechanic for puzzle solving?

- Placement of some objects like benches or the diagonal wall are off and make the world not feel that immersive, I never felt like I was in a “Mirror World”, there is a lot you can do with this concept (Mirror World) but it hasn’t been executed well in this, sadly.

- Slenderman is not a real threat, not saying he has to be, but that you can always look directly at him kind of contradicts the other Slender games and what I believe to be a key feature of Slenderman

- His Pathfinding is also not great

- This has no business being (extracted) 7GB, or a 3GB download, compressing the game assets would be nicer for most people and people who maybe do not have either good storage or good internet connection considering how short this Part 1 is.

- The Part 1 leaves a lot of questions about the story and the world itself which sadly hasn’t been explained 

I had fun playing it, however it was not a game I would consider scary, but there is a lot you can work on in making it better

Quite a spectacular game detail wise and for the smoothness of the gameplay. It terrified me in a good way thanks so much for the incredible game <3 

good game I included it in my compilation

I love it is different from the other Slendermen.

Pretty good! I recorded my brother playing this game it was fun ngl, we are spanish creators if you like to take an eye, good day!

JUEGO 100% RECOMENDADO, La verdad un muy buen juego que nos trae una jugabilidad bien diferente a la mayoría de las entregas de slenderman sin dejar el lado el suspenso y esos fascinantes Jumpscare, aqui mi reacción mis queridos amigos  ♥

Thoroughly enjoyed this one

I mixed up the file with another and I thought I was playing Slender remastered the entire time LOL. I really enjoyed the first segment in the house! I wish more took place there. The enjoyment really started to fall for me in the dream segment. I personally had a problem with the placement of interaction hitboxes (?) Especially where you had to move that cupboard. The prompt was so far away from the actual item that I didn't find it for a really long time and it was just a little frustrating. I would like to see more of this for sure though! I think it's interesting seeing slender games that don't play off the traditional collection mechanic. Thanks for making it!

la peur...

Cant wait for full release!! This was really fun!

Looking forward to seeing this one being fleshed out, has a lot of promise, thanks for the spooks dev!

That's what happens when you feed your child with only bread.. 

Definitely interesting, death loop glitch at the end not so fun

Awesome Concept!

I REALLY enjoyed this game! The jumpscares are set up and timed well, mechanics are easy to grasp and puzzles feel intuitive and easy to grasp. I really liked the different levels that you got to explore as well. All in all, this was a really fun game and I'm excited to see more! If you feel like checking out gameplay for it, you can check it out on my channel. 

Hey guys! This game was seriously so fun. I loved how instead of pages, we are now looking for keys! This game has so much potiential and I cant wait to see the finish product if the developers decide to keep working on it! I really recommend trying the game out yourself but if you prefer to watch someone play it then feel free to come to my channel!

The only thing I hope you would put into this Slender Man game is an ending that isn't like one of those cliché/overuse endings of EVERY SINGLE Slender Man game. 

If reviewers are confused, I'll explain. 

One of the many reasons no one can ever escape the Slender Man is because he's a Tulpa, a being that represents the concepts or things that human imaginations believed in them. And so far, there were many people who believed that no one can outrun or defeat the Slenderman, nor can they get off scot-free after encountering and experiencing the Slenderman. 

This is why my prediction is that the Slender Man Mirror World will end like most other Slender Man video games, with the result being another nobody (the protagonist) targetted by the Slender failing to escape the grasp of this enigmatic reality mind-twisting entity.

I freaking loved this game felt like the original with a very nice story, lol and terrifying! 

Nice game !

This game was really good, just wanted more!!

That was amazing!!!I really enjoyed it,very scary,one of the best slenderman games!!

I really hope you can complete it,can't wait to see more!

thank god my beloved slendy man is back! i am forever scared to eat bread and climb out of windows. ☺️

great game! loved the design for slenderman 🤍

Short and sweet but still very creepy!

Great use of sounds in this game to make everything more creepy.

My only problem is I wish it was longer, I would like to have played more XD

Great game Lsgamedev

I awake in a room and my father is not there.......lost........All alone I must try and figure out what is happening. But there is only 1 problem...SLENDER MAN IS AFTER ME AND IS HUNTING ME... Will I survive the horrors of Slender man and make it out alive??? Find out in this video...

Buena adaptación de slender man, ojalá hagan este juego mucho más largo y con más historia.

Good game! the house part really got me good, but when I realised slenderman sounded like the zombies from COD the horror really fell off for me, but well designed!


Loved this!!

WOW!! what an amazing game!! i got scared like 6 or seven times really bad! this is only a reaction compilation so its 4 minutes long. its edited and i had a lot of fun playing it! for the developer of the game, my thoughts on the game start at 3:14!! for the casual watcher please consider liking the video and maybe commenting what your favorite part was!!

The atmosphere was riveting, great scares and I only got lost for a short while and when I finally did find my way, I realised how dumb I was for not knowing what to do, great horror experience ;)

3rd game in the video

Great little horror experience! Look forward to seeing what you do with the other chapters! 😄💀

I played this game in my 'Quick Scares' series on my YouTube Channel! Check out the Gameplay below!

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